I wanted to express my sincere thanks to you in your assistance with my daughter’s upcoming IEP annual review.  Your review and suggestions mirrored our thoughts and could not have been more effectively expressed without your guidance and support.  The service that you provide is extremely invaluable to the parents in the IEP community as I have passed along your information to those that I know would greatly benefit from your services.  Continued success and blessings to you.



“I was struggling with the school services for my 5 grader son with Autism and ADHD. I approached Wanda with a hope to get some help and I am so glad I did!


I had little idea about what my son is getting as services, what he should get and what my rights are. Not only did she help me getting an effective IEP set up but she very patiently helped me understand the whole process which made me feel empowered. She pointed key issues with the IEP and provided me step by step guidance to handle the same. My son is at the juncture of transitioning to middle school and I feel so relived that I have everything which I want for my son, supported in IEP. I really needed this help!

I recommended parents to seek help if the things aren’t working out at school. The schools sometimes can be difficult but with the right knowledge and guidance, you can effectively help your children.”



We very much appreciated your passion and direction in the meeting. We would not have known what to ask, how to ask for it, or what is appropriate to ask for without you navigating us through the process. Your guidance was critical. Our only criticism is of the way you reproached O English teacher in the meeting. We recognize that there were moments we needed to push in order to get results in that meeting and taking a firm “we mean business” tone helped to do that; but, ultimately, we have to work WITH these folks and keeping them on O’s (and our) side is important.



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